Saturday, January 11, 2014

Word for 2014

I'm part of a women's Bible study group on Wednesday nights that have been meeting together for over a year now. One of the gals recently asked all of us to share a word that would describe our 2013 and then choose a word that we hope to focus on for 2014. Here was my response to our group:

2013 – SCATTER ….. I think feeling this way is probably just some of the fall-out from having 3 children so far apart and as  a result having them in such different stages of life – young married, college, and teenager. The real truth of parenting? THEY NEVER EVER STOP NEEDING YOU…. It’s just in such very, very different ways as they grow. The Boy and The Girl need us to be stable and somewhat “normal” (which is a stretch for us!); E needs us for foundational life decisions and financial direction/support; Mary -  still so moldable -  needs our attention and to see us walking with God and loving her unconditionally. Throw in being a homeschool teacher, wife, daughter, friend, church member and employee and, well…. Life is just simply ALL OVER THE PLACE!!  I know most of you feel the same, but this year has been particularly scattered. Hence, my word for this past year!

2014 – GATHER…to come together, assemble or accumulate…. to bring together and take in from scattered places or sources…. That’s what I need to focus on for 2014…. Taking all the pieces of myself that seem scattered about and put them together in a whole, cohesive person…. A person whose Head is Christ and whose body (actions, words, thoughts, emotions) follows His leading and falls under His authority…. A person who lives looking out on the world with a view of eternity every day and who doesn’t get lost in the insanity of the mundane and momentary.  I want to see myself and you and the world as Jesus does. 

So, thinking on that word this morning, I made myself this little sign, found a spare frame, and stuck it by my been to remember this focus for 2014. Gather. I'm hoping writing a little more consistently will help me do just that!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Puppy Selfies

Since "selfies" are so popular, Mollie and Sadie wanted to share theirs with you tonight....



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What a Hoot!

A really sweet friend of mine, who happens to be a neighbor....

and who happens to be an awesome dog-sitter....

and who happens to be a junk-finder extraordinaire....

is always bringing me wonderful little gifts she finds here and there - usually at Goodwill or the Coalition or garage sales. Treasures I call them. They always make me smile. One gift in particular I told her recently I especially loved. A framed piece of fabric art of two owls reading books. They're kind of retro and I just adore them.

See, it's fabric. Well, I knew there was a mate to it that she had also found so I hinted around a bit that if she didn't want it I surely did! 

Alas, she had given it to her daughter already! BUT, what I didn't know was that there was a little green owl that was part of the set..... and she brought that to me Monday for a surprise! Yay!!

Now they are living happily ever after in our kitchen. :-) 

I wish I knew where they came from originally. Or who the artist is. There's the initials VML on both and the framing is from a local hardware store here. One of the things that makes finding treasures like these is wondering what the stories are behind them. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Whatever is True

A good word from Paul:

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."

Download free 4x6 print here.

How it was made:

Monday, January 6, 2014


I've finally taken the time to figure out how to have a downloadable file on my blog. Yay me!! So, here's my very first file available for free download to all my bloggie friends.... which - I think - is about 5! :-) Ha!

Anyway, here's the Love & Laughter graphic I made last week for your enjoyment!

I printed mine on card stock and found this pretty 5x7 frame with some pink tones to put on my vanity so I'll be reminded to trust on, love on, and joy on every morning. 

Today my five-year journal came in the mail! Buddy S gave me one last year for Christmas, but being the genius I am, I totally messed it up by writing on the *whole* page for one day each year..... It was too late before I realized I should have only been taking up 1/5th of the space that I was. Oh well, new beginnings and all that!!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Felt Like It

Today - after boxing up all the Christmas decorations - my mantel looked bare without its Advent calendar/banner. So, I made this little felt ball banner for January. It makes me happy. Nothing too big or bold, just a little splash of color to cheer us up as the cold weather starts heading our way soon. 

Then I added a felted ball banner to my January door wreath along with "Welcome" lettering. I think it was just the touch this wreath needed. (See how this wreath was made last January here.)

So easy! The idea came from here and the supplies came from Hobby Lobby. 

Mary says she would like one for her room, maybe for her window.... but only in turquoise and gray and white. I foundthis store on Etsy that seems to have a great selection and wonderful colors.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Babel and Scrabble

Reading Genesis 9-11 today on the Tower of Babel....

"We may admire the heaven scaling desires of the tower builders on the Plain of Shinar but they would have done better to listen and not drown out the call from heaven with the clang of the mason's trowel and the creaking of the scaffolding." ~Thomas R. Kelly (A Testament of Devotion)

This has made me think and question what is my Plain of Shinar? God told the people to go and be fruitful and fill the earth. Instead they all wanted to stay together in the Plain of Shinar and build a tower to heaven. Where is it that I am staying instead of going and obeying God? What am I busy building and clang-clanging around with so that I am drowning out the call from heaven? 

On another note, my 81 year-old dad and I have been playing on-line Scrabble through The Pixie Pitt for a few years now. It costs about $12 a year and we always have a game going. So does he and my sister. My game-name is "daughter2", hers is "daughter1". I looked on my subscription info and it looks like Dad and I are on game #333. I get an email notifying me when he plays so it's a good way for us to keep up with each other and know everything is okay. As long as he's playing, I know he's doing well. 

He's winning right now...

I'm pretty sure he cheats.